Billing starts before SIM/Phone delivered/activated

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I’ve started a new SIM Only contract with ID Mobile making an order online.
Obviously there’s a delivery period before the service is available for me to use.

However, ID Mobile seems to ignore this gap in service being available to use and starts charging straight away, starting the bill date from the order date.

Other networks set this date to be when the SIM is activated. Utility companies start charging when they’ve completely taken over the service. Landline, broadband, TV services start the billing date from when the service is live and available to the customer.

With the current coronavirus lockdown, deliveries are further delayed. However, I already have a bill issued, probably at least a week before I even have the SIM.


Why is ID Mobile not considering when the service becomes available for the setting of the bill start date? Why isn’t a window period given for a customer to activate their new SIM to set it as the bill start date?

This is completely unacceptable and if the bill start date isn’t adjusted for when I have actually received and inserted my SIM card into my phone, I WILL make use of the 30 day cancellation window and cancel my contract.

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Hi @Viz57 , if you could kindly check your PMs, that’d be great.


Thanks again,


I have a similar query, i ordered a new sim only contract a couple of weeks ago.  I haven't received the SIM in the post and billing is about to begin.  Can you confirm that a SIM has been dispatched or is it missing in action?

Many Thanks

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Hi @henaghanr 

Please can you confirm when the SIM was requested?




Hi, the order was processed in 17th April. The order number is 110736630

many thanks

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Hi @henaghanr 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hi, where has the direct message gone to?

i can’t log on to my IDM app because it needs the phone number and I haven’t received the SIM yet!

Found the message but live chat is constantly busy! Just can’t get rhrough

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Hi @henaghanr 

We are extremely busy on Live Chat however please remain on the page and an agent will be available shorty. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 





I’ve got a similar issue. My billing date started on 20the April but the SIM card did not arrive until 1st May. Can you make an adjustment to my contract start date?

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Hi @Cheviot1 

I have sent you a private message with more details. 



Hi I have exactly the same problem, sim cards only just received but supposedly I owe for a month already but can't speak to anyone as they only offer reduced opening hours. Can someone please help?