I don't have my sim, don't know what the number is, and have no way of getting it

  • 30 October 2018
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I ordered my sim online, but wrote the address in wrong (I have no way of knowing what the address is) but because I ordered it and don't know the address they got sent to I can't get a new sim or cancel the sim that exists somewhere in the world.
I am housebound, and the nearest carphone warehouse is a city over which I cannot get to, and don't have anyone who is able to get there.
This means I am paying for a phone contract that I can't use, and can't cancel either.
I wanted to change from vodafone to iD mobile to save money, because as a disabled person I am on a really limited budget but instead I am now having to pay for two contracts at once.
I have phoned the iD mobile people three times to try to sort this out, but they said they can't do anything.
This is honestly pretty ridiculous, I mistyped my address because I have dyslexia and a movement/coordination disorder alongside brain fog (disabilities) and iD are refusing to help because I can't come in in person (disabilities)

5 replies

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Hi @jameslouis,

This is very unfortunate to hear and we'll see what we can do to resolve this. We'll need to take some personal details from you in order to find the account, so are you able to send an email  to get started?

Please include your community username along with your full name, full address, contact number and we'll be back in touch.


The issue is that I initially mistyped the address, I will email but it will come back to this
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Thank you @jameslouis, I have since replied so once we hear back from you, we'll continue this discussion via email.


Don’t know my number I don’t use sim and want to know when my contract ends please 

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Hi @Martinstone69 

If the account is in your name, then we should be able to confirm you as the account holder without you knowing the phone number (providing you can answer other personal questions you should know).

Please check your private messages here and we’ll take it from there.