My order hasnt been processed and 24h has passed

  • 4 October 2020
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I haven't had my order processed yet and 24hours has passed. I just want to know what is happening? And when do yo expect to deliver the phone?


8 replies

Still no answer? Is there a number I can ring to speak with someone?


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We’re sorry for not catching this one sooner @Mat Carley 

Was the order you placed a new order? or had you been placing an upgrade order on an existing number you have with us?

Have you still had no updates at this stage?  Please check your spam email folder just in case anything incorrectly went there.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting back to me. I still haven't heard back from you yet. I have placed a new order for a Samsung galaxy s20, in grey. I believe it is out of stock.


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Hi @Mat Carley,


Have you checked your Junk Mail and Spam to see if there are any emails from us there?



Hi Will,

The last email I got said:

 "We’re still processing your order.
Although the product you ordered is currently out of stock or on 'pre-order', we’re expecting it shortly, so it should be with you soon.

In the meantime we’re going to prepare your order by running your credit check and taking payment (but only if your order requires it)."

Am I just waiting for the phone to be in stock before you can process it? The upfront money i had to pay, has come out of my account now.

Do you have an estimate as to when the phone will be in stock?



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How come everyone's message is being replied to but I've been waiting around the same time as this guy lol

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Hi @Ben crowe,

As your message has been posted after the others, this is why you have not been responded to yet. I can see that you have made a post so we will respond there very shortly.


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Hi @Mat Carley,

Have you heard back regarding your order since posting your message? Unfortunately, the Grey colour of the Samsung S20 (4G version) is still out of stock and we have not heard back from our suppliers of more stock just yet.