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  • 3 October 2018
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I have ordered a SIM card (SIM only deal) on 23th September and the only communication I have received from iD Mobile since then is that because of minor delays I should expect a few days delay also regarding my order. I have received this email on the 23th as well saying that I can expect the card to be prepared in 3-5 days. As we are already well over this period and I cannot reach iD mobile either via phone, e-mail or online chat, I am concerned regarding my order.

Could you help how can I find out if I can still expect to receive the SIM in the near future or how can I cancel my order?

I appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

Best answer by Jade 8 October 2018, 14:49

Hi @nora.epelley,

We've sent you a private message regarding getting this looked into.

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That's not good to hear @nora.epelley,

SIMs are sent out via Royal Mail and in the case of any unforeseen issues, they can be delayed.

Another 2 days have passed since you made this post.

If you haven't already received the SIM today (05/10/18) then we will need to arrange for a replacement SIM to be sent to you.

Let me know

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for your answer.

I still have not received the card. And just to clarify: I have not received a confirmation either that I will receive it. I got only two emails from iD altogether: one saying that I placed the order and the other informing me about the slight delay (both on 23th September).

Please let me know if you can send me a replacement card that can arrive by the beginning of next week, as I will need a sim card by then.

Also, can you please confirm that there will be no money debited from my bank account if/until I am unable to use the card?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
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Hi @nora.epelley,

We've sent you a private message regarding getting this looked into.