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billing address different to shipping address

  • 3 December 2018
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my billing address is different to my shipping address and i had no option to change it when i purchased my new phone. i contacted ID (twice), they said they couldn't change my address and needed to contact DPD. i contacted DPD and they said they couldn't change it as ID put a lock on changing my address and that the only way to change my shipping address was for ID to contact the DPD community manager and change it manually. please can you contact the DPD/ID support manager and do this ASAP as my phone arrives tomorrow and if it goes to my billing address i wont be able to retrieve it. DM me for my new shipping address. it's a joke that there is no option to make your billing address different to your shipping address, and that you cant easily change it


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Hi @ewanator,

When making an order, the delivery address should be able to be changed so that it is different from the billing address so I am sorry if something has gone wrong here.

The quickest way to have this sorted would be by contacting our Live Chat team here.

Please can you contact us  so that we can get this sorted? Make sure that you include your community username, full name, full address, mobile number, date of birth and the new address so we can make the change.


@Ryan I've had a similar issue, my delivery address was changed and bill cap was increased after I upgraded but I haven't changed anything. So now I'm stuck with a sim with no phone. Please contact me

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Hi @Ryan97 


I have sent you a private message on here so that we can verify your details. 

To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages. 



I have a very similiar issue with changing the delivery address. I contacted DPD and they said that the option of changing the address is locked and that ID Mobile has to contact DPD. On my end, I have tried everything to solve the issue but it seems it’s between ID Mobile and DPD. 


Could you please contact them to resolve this issue? It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I have contacted your live chat several times and no one seems to help. I hope to get more luck here.


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Hello @Ozgur Uras,

For security reasons we don’t change delivery addresses as this always gets delivered to the billing address setup on the contract.

You can manage your delivery to reschedule to a better time if it suits you?

DPD will also attempt to deliver to a neighbour if you’re not in.



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