Cancel within 14 days cooling off period

  • 1 March 2021
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Hi, I’d like to cancel my contract.

I’ve ordered an ID Mobile SIM card trying to activate it, but it says I have to go online to activate it… I don't have service at all, and how can I go online to activate it?

So I returned to my previous provider and extended the service with them.

The problem is that I already submitted my PAC to ID Mobile. So, is there any way that you ignore this PAC submission? The SIM card that I ordered from ID Mobile does not work anyway, my phone says: “no SIM”, and “there is no problem with this iPhone device, you should contact your network provider.”

I wonder if I don’t activate the SIM card (I have no way to do so as the SIM card doesn't work in the first place), would the submission of PAC cause any problem? Will ID Mobile transfer me to ID mobile in the next working day, in which case my previous/current provider has to disconnect the service.

I would appreciate you could solve this problem, as your live chat agent/bot cannot even understand my question & situation…


ID Mobile: REMOVED (not activated)



9 replies

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Hello @wannacancel,

Our SIM cards are activated upon dispatch so a brand new SIM contract purchased will not need you to go online to activate it.

If you submitted a port request it’s likely too late to cancel this now and will be processed.

You can then obtain a PAC code to port your number out once a return has been processed.

Can you confirm if you have been able to speak to our Live Chat Team regarding this or still need help?



Thanks for your reply.

One of your agents cancelled the contract for me.

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Thanks for the update @wannacancel.


Take care, and please let us know if you require anything else in the future.



However, you’ve charged me an unreasonable fee even though I wasn’t able to use the SIM card at all as it was not supported!

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Hi @wannacancel,

I’m sorry to hear that it was unreasonable, how much was it for? It is normal for there to be a small charge for the time of which the plan was active for and this is irrespective of usage.


I too am still within my 14-day cooling off period and I would like to cancel. I’ve been waiting 1 hour for your chatbot to connect me to the “next available agent”. Can someone please send me a PM so I that I don’t have to keep waiting?

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Hello @jaimet 

Have you managed to speak with our Live Chat Team? 

You can always enter “speak to an agent” in the chatbox, you will then be directed to a member of our Customer Service Team.



iD Mobile 


You can always enter “speak to an agent” in the chatbox, you will then be directed to a member of our Customer Service Team.

Hi @Michelle.

Yes, I did that (I entered “speak to an agent” into the chatbox) - that is when my hour wait started. After a couple more hours waiting I was finally connected to a human being who successfully cancelled my sim.

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Hello @jaimet,

Glad to hear you were able to get this cancelled.

Let us know if you need any help in the future.