Faulty phone

  • 13 March 2021
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Had my upgraded phone Huawei p30 lite less than two weeks and it's totally shut down on me. All week it had restarted during the night which I put down to updates. Then yesterday 12/03/2021 it froze twice and shut down 10 times before finally shutting off for good. Won't charge. Won't turn on not even in safe mode. Nothing. What do I do as shops are closed and I can't speak to anyone on the phone as it directs me to the "live chat" which is all automated responses. 

3 replies

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We’re very sorry to hear the fate of your new phone there @Mertleturtle 


Within the first 30-days we’ll be have that exchanged for a new one for you.

Our Live Chat Team should have been able to help with that if you spoke to a human there, though at times that can be a busy wait.

Do you happen to have Facebook or Twitter?  If so, it would be something our Social Media Team could get the ball rolling with for you if you reach out to our official Twitter or Facebook iD Mobile page.


If you have trouble with the above though, then please let us know and we’ll send you a private message here if need be to take some further details and set up the exchange to get the faulty phone back with us and then a new one out to you.


I finnaly managed to speak to an agent once I was told to type "speak to agent" into the " live chat" (not really a live chat if its all automatic responses and you have to ask to speak to a human)

Phone has been sent back to be assessed and hopefully a replacement will be sent out soon. Thanks. 

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Hi @Mertleturtle 

That is great to hear. Your replacement handset will be with you soon. Feel free to message us for any issues you may have.