iphone se.... bizzare cable cams with it...

  • 26 January 2021
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So I have the iphone se and charger didn't come with it (this should be clearer ID mobile.. appreciate it is an apple decision but i didn't see this in the purchasing of this phone). But what the heck is this cable able to fit... it doesn't have USB end it has something different again.. so I am confused as to what it actually plugs in to...? Any ideas.

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2 replies

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Hi @Vikk123,


What end does it have? Are you able to upload a picture for us?



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Hi there @Vikk123 

First and foremost we’re certainly sorry if you felt like things were misleading with the recent iPhone purchase.  

You can purchase an official Apple cable here:!colour=white&dealType=sf

Though the “lightning” port cable chargers can be found quite commonly in quite a lot of supermarkets and high street type stores that sell any sorts of electronics these days.


We’ve emailed our Web Team to pass on your feedback regarding this not being made clear though, to try and help improve things going forward.