SIM card never arrived, live chat never works, how can I get in touch??

  • 3 September 2020
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I placed an order for a SIM card 7 days ago and it still hasn’t arrived. Live chat doesn’t work. Even the online complaints form button has disappeared. ID Mobile is clearly not serious about customer service. How can I get in touch with someone - anyone - to help solve my issue??? 

5 replies

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@Snoopily I can assure you that we do take customer service seriously and we are always here to help via our ‘Live Chat’, Social Channels or here on the iD Community. 

Rest assured, an agent will contact you here as soon as they become available. 

Dear Emil

I’m puzzled to read that you are “always here to hep via our ‘Live Chat’” - I’ve just been on your website and your live chat is not available. Trying to address customer service enquiries via a public forum is not my idea of serious customer service. 

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@Snoopily I do apologise that you have been unable to speak with an agent of yet.

We are able to help and support our customers through all of the channels I mentioned above. However, of course this is dependent on our agents’ availability.  When the ‘Live Chat’ function does not appear, it means that all agents are currently in talks with customers.

I am sure an agent will be in contact with you here soon :) - in the mean time, of course you can continue to check when the ‘Live Chat’ becomes available.  

Dear Emil

Are you seriously suggesting that your customers should stare at their screens and wait for the “live chat” function to appear when one of your agents become free? Any half serious live chat function would come with a queueing system. ID Mobile clearly does not think that basic customer service is an essential part of their product offer, and I don’t think any customer should trust a mobile operator which cannot provide basic customer service. I will proceed to cancel my order, even before the SIM card arrives. I bet you’re not going to make that easy either.

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Hi @Snoopily, just checking in to see if you got this resolved one way or another?


Thank you,



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