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Clear browsing data

  • 31 August 2021
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I have a Samsung J3 2017 mobile and have noticed something strange when I try to clear my Google browsing data from phone. 

It comes up with the following popup….

Also clear data from these sites?

This site seems important to you:

Cancel or Clear


I have never heard of this company and a Google search seems to indicate they are a real company and not some sort of malware or scam. I just don’t know why mu phone seems to have their name in my phone memory. Any ideas?   

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3 replies

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Hello @Paulr,

If you’ve allowed third party cookies to be used in your phone’s browser, it might explain why you’ve got something in your cache from hygiene-suppliers-direct.

Good luck!

Thanks. Is there anyway to permanently remove it and stop it from happening. Don't seem to get the same thing happening with other websites I've looked at.

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I suspect there is no easy way of doing this; it’s possible the hygiene-suppliers-direct data is in the browser cache as a result of an app you have installed on your phone.

Good luck @Paulr!

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