I always lose signal and network every 5 minutes and it reconnects after 10 minutes!

  • 6 July 2021
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I purchased a monthly plan of unlimited data from the ID Mobile website. Since the beginning I noticed issues with the signal but it was not as bad as now. Now, I lose signal every 5 minutes and it needs around 10 minutes until I regain network to reconnect. For someone that is always on their phone for job purpose this is very inconvenient and very frustrating. 

I used the Live Chat feature to get some guidance regarding this and they told me to refresh my network coverage so that my phone would get more coverage. That did absolutely nothing.

Can I please have a solution to my issue. Day by day I’m losing patience.

Is this an issue with my handset or my sim?



Thank you

1 reply

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Hi @alindokhan,


We are sorry to hear about this.

Have you checked your coverage at the coverage checker below?

How bars of signal are you currently getting? Is it showing 3G,4G or H+?

Could you also possibly try the SIM in a different handset to see if this makes any difference?