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  • 13 October 2021
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I’m looking to buy a phone off someone. It’s new in box. He said it’s a upgrade handset, so if I buy it and he doesn’t pay bill will the phone be blocked, I will be using my own sim card, but will the phone be blocked for non payment. I bought a phone a few year back off someone and it was a 02 refresh phone so they pay for the phone separately and he didn’t pay the bill I assume and the phone was blocked I tried different SIM card.. I just don’t want it happen again.. also will it be unlocked to use any sim as I will be using ee SIM card and not id mobile. 

Thanks everyone 


5 replies

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Hi @Michael howard,

So the phone that you’re buying was originally supplied by our network? If so, the contract is not tied to the handset so if the monthly payment is not made, only the SIM card services will be blocked. The handset should be unlocked to all UK networks.

If the phone is reported as lost, stolen or part of a fraudulent purchase however, then yes, the handset will be blocked.


And will any sim fit in it, or only id mobile 

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Hello @Michael howard all SIM cards are standard sized, so it should take any SIM. 

What I mean is some phones are locked to network. Like 3 mobile will only take a 3 sim unless u pay to unlock.. does id phones come unlocked.. 

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Hi @Michael howard,

Sorry if you missed this within the amount of information provided, however, I mentioned in my original reply that the handset should be unlocked to all UK networks.



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