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I want to leave ID mobile, I don't have any signal in my house and with 3 kids I need signal for just incase! I never had this problem with Vodafone and unfortunately this problem started as soon as I got this phone (network) I have tried to live with it but if anything it's getting worse. I have only had this for 4 months (roughly) so how do I go about getting out if this without it costing me anymore. Thanks

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If you have committed to a minimum term of 12, 18 or 24 months then you’re stuck with it unfortunately. Well, unless your willing to pay off the remainder in full of course. 😞


ID Mobile customers have the following cooling off period:

You can return to any Carphone Warehouse store within 14 days or by post within 30 days.


You should have just cancelled and returned the handset and SIM within the above cooling off period if you had any problems with coverage. 😔


What device do you have? Maybe you can try enabling WiFi Calling if it’s supported on your device.

Yea I'm not really wanting to pay it off out right. Looks like I'm stuck with a useless phone contract then 🙄 not ideal with kids that's for sure. As I'm sure many people know

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I wasn’t trying to rub it in. I don’t work for ID Mobile, i’m a paying customer just like you.


Maybe try asking a friend or family member if they would be willing to take over the payments and use it until your contract expires?


Sorry I can’t be of anymore help.

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Hi @Louise Wilding,


What @WelshPaul has advised in terms of returns periods is all correct. So if you’ve had the handset for 4 months, we’d be unable to return that without applying a termination fee, which would be the full cost of the remaining duration of the contract.


I can check the signal in your area for you if you like though and see if maybe there is something we can help with in terms of getting you a better reception through a little troubleshooting. What’s your postcode please?



Hi Will.


Thank you my postcode is rg401ps. It's not ideal with having 3 children and 1 of them with a disability.