network not available from ID

I cannot access the 3 network. I am with ID. It just says network coverage fine. Where do I go ?

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When you say “I cannot access the 3 network”, can you expand on that?

Are you seeing “Emergency calls only” on screen or something else?

Also, who or what said your network coverage is fine?

mobile network not available is what i get. sometimes try again later. 3 uk said coverage fine 

So, no calls or texts. No issues ever u to friday.


Thank you for responding

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So you do have signal but you get a message sometimes when trying to make a call or send a text such as “try again later”? Such an error is usually thrown when a network is oversubscribed in a certain area. :(


Try entering your postcode here:


Does it show any problems in your area?

None, but ID say there are unolanned outages due to end testerday


still no coverage here though. 3 UK are not communicating withh ID . what chance have i got ?

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So there are no issues reported on the link I gave you earlier?


Do you actually have any signal bars on your phone? You keep saying “No coverage”.

No coverage means no signal at all!


If you have no signal at all maybe try your sim in another phone to rule out a faulty handset? If you still have no signal then clearly there is an issue with the local mast and you’re going to have to wait for Three to fix it. 

Three have reappeared no warning just unexpected outage acc to chat on ID website. It could happen again and again. It is unsatisfactory.

The most annoying thing is £ UK dont publish the outage which lasted 3 days in my reckoning. It cant have been just me can it ( Lincoln)

Thanks I need a break now !