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Photo back up

  • 25 January 2022
  • 2 replies

I’ve got a Google Pixel 4A phone and I'm trying to back up Whatsapp photos to my Google account. The phone doesn’t have an SD card so photos all go to Google Photos app on phone which is fine but have noticed that Whatsapp photos don’t seem to be backed up to Google Photos. If I look in Settings it says ‘Getting ready to back up’ and 857 items left but has said that for last 30mins. Any ideas to solve this problem please?

2 replies

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Hey @Paulr, this isn’t an ID Mobile issue, so the question would be better addressed to Google or WhatsApp themselves, really. It could be that your Google Photos storage is full, or close to full, and so it won’t attempt to transfer those 857 items, knowing there won’t be enough space. 

Without seeing your account, though, I’m merely speculating. I’d recommend contacting Google support here


Thank you,


Ok thanks. I’ll try that.


Why iD Mobile?