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  • 22 June 2021
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I’m currently with ID and have ordered a new ID SIM card with a better deal, I have ordered a phone from a separate company. What do I do to keep my old number? Thanks 

2 replies

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Have I got this right…


You already have a mobile number with ID Mobile and yet you have just purchased a whole new SIM only plan with ID Mobile but you want to move your number from the old account to the new account?


If what I wrote above is correct, you can’t! You need to cancel the new SIM order and do a plan upgrade on your existing account. Then just pop your old SIM in the new handset you purchased elsewhere. 

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Hello @Rachel0309,

As @WelshPaul  rightly mentioned, you can’t port your iD Mobile number from one plan to another.

You’d need to upgrade your existing SIM only plan you had (for the number to keep) to a new SIM only plan via the app/account on My Account > Upgrade > SIM Only

This keeps the number but changes your plan.


You’ll need to cancel the new plan ordered.

Let us know if you still need help and we can send a message over.