How to switch from Android to iOS

  • 16 March 2018
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Planning on switching your phone and operating system from Android to iOS?

It’s not too difficult, especially now that there’s a handy app from Apple to help you get the job done…

Get the ‘Move to iOS’ app

Head to the Google Play Store, and download Apple’s Move to iOS app onto your Android phone. Then simply agree to the terms and conditions, and proceed to the screen that reads ‘Find Your Code’.

Pop your SIM card into your new iPhone, choose your language, and you’ll soon arrive at a screen called ‘Apps and Data’. This will help you collect content from your old Android device, so select ‘Move Data from Android’.

Transfer your data

You now need to enter the six-digit code that appears on your iPhone into your Android device. You’ll then be invited to choose which stuff you want to transfer. iPhone creates its own Wi-Fi network, which your Android smartphone will automatically join, and then the transfer will begin. This can take a little while, depending on how much stuff you’ve got saved.

When it’s finished, enter your Apple ID, or if you don’t have one, set one up. The only thing it doesn’t do is transfer your apps – but seeing as some of the applications from Google aren’t available on iOS, it’ll give you a chance to shed all those little used apps you’ve been hoarding for a while!

Extra tips

If you’re concerned about saving storage space on your new iPhone, back up all your pictures to Google Photos before you transfer. If you’re not already using the cloud-based system, it’s a great space-saver, and can be accessed from anywhere using your Gmail account.

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1 reply

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If your transferring lots of photos. I recommend doing that through the send anywhere app that you get on both phones after setting up. It doesn’t use up your mobile data like the move to iOS did for me.