carphone repair

  • 8 June 2019
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carphone repair rang me on last day of repair to say they have ordered a lot of new parts for my phone then asked if i would have a samsung or huawie phone instead of my phone a oppo rx17 why tell me they ordered the parts i dont know as the phone only had a soft ware issue so i now have to wait even longer with out a phone im paying for can i stop the id contract untill i get my phone back which is worth more than the ones offered and why sell a phone there not aloud to repair as ismash is the only company that are

1 reply

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Hi paulthepain, sorry to hear that it's taking longer that expected to sort the problem with your phone. The repairs team will offer any potential solutions to you in order to get things sorted.

It's not possible to stop the contract as you're able to use the SIM with other phones but if your phone is with the repair centre longer than advised, you may be eligible for a goodwill gesture towards offsetting the cost of the service you're paying for.