Data allowance

  • 28 July 2018
  • 1 reply

My monthly allowance started yesterday with my phone switched off. When I switched on my data allowance was down to 1.7 GB. How can this happen?

1 reply

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How much is your monthly allowance?

Are you you accessing the app using mobile data? When using mobile data the usage figure is 50MB too high?

Should any unused data have rolled over to this month?
Did you have a data add-on last month, if so how much was used / remains to be used?

Do you have data usage tracking enabled on your phone and how much usage does it show for the month so far?

I have been experiencing strange usage figure from the app with last month the usage reported actually going down over the month 🤓

This month I am keeping a close track on the app taking screen shots and maintaining a spreadsheet so I can compare the bill to what the app was reported.

You can also contact support via Facebbok and send them a screen-shot of your current figures and ask them to check against their detailed usage records,