What's the best phone for taking photos?

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Depends on budget, sounds like the p20 pro and Samsung galaxy s9 are good at the top end, I've found Motorola Motos to be surprisingly good if looking for something cheap and cheerful.
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just buy a camera £££ + a camera printer (camera = good picture = $$$$$$$)
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I'd say most phones these days have very good quality cameras in them. Even with some of the cheaper model phones, you usually have a decent quality camera.
Well for the average user anyway.
Looking to change my phone and want a good camera, seems like there’s so much choice so any advice would be appreciated!

Heard that the Google Pixel 3, Huawei P20 Pro and the new Samsung S10 all have good cameras- which is the best and which is the best value for money?


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I like the samsung S8 pictures are clean and crisp great auto focus and zoom. They do say that the Huawei P20 pro has a good camera too the specs look good but I couldn't say for certain as I have never used one. The only cameras I have used are the Samsung S8, S6 and the Apple IPhone 7 and there is not much between them all they all perform great and take great photos. But if you want really good photographs you will need to get an SLR camera as all phones have there limitations.