Amount of Sims per account

  • 2 June 2018
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Me and my family are currently trying to find a provider for our new phone contracts as our present one is no longer providing mobile services.

We are a family of 4, how many sim cards can I have connected to a singular account? It would make paying bills much easier if it was all connected to one account and is a make or break for us joining ID Mobile.

Much thanks in advance.

1 reply

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Hi @Zakawy,

Welcome to the iD Community and I'm glad you're thinking of joining us.

Unfortunately, we don't currently support family SIMS so each SIM would need to be registered with a different email.

We hope this is something available in the future.

There's a limit of 2 SIMs per account holder so you can purchase 2 in your name and you may need to purchase the other 2 in your partners name.

We think that our app is fairly easy to manage the plans even if you did need to log into each account manually.