cant receive calls or texts

  • 25 March 2020
  • 4 replies

I just moved to ID mobile. My phone worked fine. Then I ported over my old number. Since then I can make calls and texts but i can't receive them. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy A10

4 replies

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Hi @JPG 

In your case, it seems like there could be a problem with the port that our Tech Team need to look into.


Could you reach out to our Social Media Teams either by Facebook or Twitter?  Failing that, email

We’re limited in numbers currently due to the global pandemic, but we’ll get back to you and everyone else as quickly as we possibly can.]



I have checked,  and the one person who is able to text to this mobile is also on I'd mobile.

Hi Ryan.  

I gave my PAC on Saturday night. By Tuesday lunch I was able to make call and send texts, and they were showing as my old number ‐ ie port was successful. But ever since then,  I still haven't been able to receive calls or texts. If someone tries to call me the call goes to voicemail and they hear a message from Tesco Mobile (my former provider).

Strangely, I  found today that one person can actually send texts to me and they get through. The rest still can't though. I have been trying to find out what his provider is but he hasn't yet replied.




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Hi @JPG,

This doesn’t sound good! When did you port the number over to us? It can take up to 48-hours for services to be fully moved across so if it’s within that time, you would be best to wait until then and restart your device a few times in the meantime.