Cant register for an online account

  • 28 August 2020
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I moved to ID a week ago and can’t register for an online ID account.  Keep being told to try later.  Also my current phone provider hasn’t been told to cancel my contract with them which I thought was automatically handled by ID. Finally the number the phone arrived with is still on my new phone which is affecting my FaceTime etc as no one on my friends and family list know it’s me! Apart from that it’s all gone well!!!

6 replies

As an update to my last question. I’ve been in touch with my old provider who has not been updated of a change of ownership for my telephone number. I submitted my PAC code on the form from ID on Monday 24. Please can someone help as I’m currently paying for two phone contracts through no fault of my own. This transfer is proving to be an absolute nightmare and I wish I’d never started!!! 

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Hi there @SuzzBuzz 

Had you provided us with a PAC (code) to move an old number over to us?

If you have moved a number over, then you should be able to register the iD Mobile account on our website using that number you’ve already moved over to us.

If you haven’t moved a number over to us, then you’d need to ensure you’re registering the iD Mobile account using the number that has come with that SIM card, along with your personal details there.

Only if you have provided us with a PAC (code) would we be able to have your old account cancelled with your old network.


If your iPhone is showing the wrong number.  You may be able to edit this manually within the iPhone Settings.  That should then ensure iMessage and Facetime etc work ok.

Let us know how you get on or if you’re unsure about anything.

Thanks for your response. I had provided a PAC and took a screenshot of the form being submitted but it had not been received.  Apparently I couldn’t create an on line account as someone had misspelt my surname. I managed to get an on line chat slot yesterday so I’m hoping come Tuesday all has been resolved but I have lost a bit of faith in ID through all the errors. 

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Hello @SuzzBuzz,

I’m glad to hear it was rectified in the end but sorry to hear that you had this trouble in the first instance.

Have you fixed the issue re: your surname being incorrectly spelt?

Let us know if this still needs fixing and we’ll reach out to you to sort this?


Keep us updated on the port, we’ll leave this open until you’ve confirmed otherwise.



Hello unfortunately the situation is still not resolved. I was promised by the on line chat that my number would be transferred yesterday. It has not happened. I also cannot still get into the online system. Please please can someone sort this out for real this time. 

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Hi @SuzzBuzz,


We’ll send you a Private Message now to look into both the Log-in and porting issues.