My new contract isn't connected

  • 6 April 2019
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Hi i have a new contract with id mobile used pac code a few days ago. Now i can't make calls or send sms. No data either??? Can someone help? Thanks

6 replies

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Same here. Another user here said that they'd been told by carphone warehouse that the number porting system was upgraded last weekend and there have been issues with it, resulting in delays. Mine has been unusable since April 2nd. Chat support knew nothing and could not tell me any time frames or reasons. Not a great experience so far!
I’m the same. The guys on the iD Facebook page told me there been some technical issues with porting systems and that they can’t give a timeframe for resolution! I’m not impressed so far!
Same boat as well. I can at least make calls as of today. But still no data. And my number still isn't recognised on the Id mobile database (but works which for calls which is odd). The people in contact centre are very pleasant but fact is that the company does not seem able to do the technical basics, and has no proactive communication. Also everything is done in 'working hours'. I would hope they are working all hours to fix this issue. Guess the company is not advising prospective new customers that they could end up with no service if they switch to ID mobile. Can anyone from the company confirm or deny that? That would be pretty poor behaviour if not making potential new customers aware. Not sure how long I'll stay with them once this is fixed...
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Hi all,

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused by the recent faults with our system, we know it's not been ideal! If you can contact our Live Chat team here regarding your issues, we'll try to get this sorted!

If you can't contact them at the time then please send us an email with your issue, along with your community username, full name, full address, mobile number and date of birth and our team will pick it up and offer further support.


A week in and my ported number still isn’t working. Since we are coming out of the coronavirus pandemic perhaps someone will be able to help?

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Hello @medusa,


We can’t check any account related queries from this platform, however, if you please email the Team on the above address, we’ll be able to look into this.