new sim card wont activate or register but i can make emergency calls

  • 9 April 2020
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Hi, I received my brand new SIM card today 9/4/2020.  In a brand new phone I can only make emergency calls.  

Its a pay monthly sim

its not an upgrade.

i have an existing number using the same email address I registered this phone on and in that portal 8 do not see my new number or plan.

i have tried switching on and off several times

i have tried reinserting the sim card

i have tried asking for activation 

please help. Very exasperated.  No call centre to assist right now. May have to cancel the  direct debit











5 replies

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Hi @Pjt 

Sounds like the SIM needs to be activated. 

Please confirm if you have manged to activate the SIM. 


Yes it was activated.  One of your colleagues said it was because tre phone I had was only a 2G phone and that your SIM cards sent work on 2G phones.  Is this true ?

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Hi @Pjt,

Our SIM card will only work with phones that are able to connect to 3G networks and above. Is your phone able to use the 3G or 4G networks?


Why won’t iD activate my SIM card.

Angelo .


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Hello @Giustino,


Sorry to hear that.

Can you give us a bit more information on this?

Is this a brand new SIM card you have purchased?