Sim card fails to register

  • 19 November 2018
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Hi, I have a Nokia Classic 6500 (3G capable) which was working OK with Vodafone. We successfully unlocked the phone and put an IDMobile sim (monthly contract) into it but it wouldn't register. We ordered a new sim, and called ID Mobile to activate it. But, 24 hours later, the phone is still saying 'sim card failed to register.' We've turned it on and off and reseated the sim. I believe the sim is not registering because of some fault in ID Mobile's processes. I have another phone, also on ID contract. (I can't check the sim in the second phone as this would mean breaking it down to the smaller size, I would then be unable to use it in my daughter's phone). We're stuck on what to do next.

4 replies

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Hi danherts, we'd recommend you test the SIM in another phone to confirm if it's working as it's likely that the Nokia will get reduced signal as it can only pick up signal on 3G 2100 band.

You could also check your 2nd SIM in the Nokia to see if it's compatible, either way if you carefully break out the SIM from it's surround you can replace it but please ensure it's not loose if you insert it into the phone again.
Thanks Phil, will try your suggestions.
Phil, would a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini GT-19195 be compatible with ID Mobile?
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Hey danherts,

As the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a 4G enabled phone, it should work fine with the iD Mobile SIM :)