SIM card not work - pay monthly

  • 28 November 2019
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I got a pay monthly SIM card for my son to use in an old phone.


The phone is unlocked and works with SIM cards from O2 and Tesco Mobile - the only other ones I have to check it with.


When I insert the iD SIM, I get 2 bars or more of signal.


The APN info is greyed out but matches the info given on the iD website.

I cannot make or receive calls “unable to connect, insert a valid SIM”


About phone/SIM status says network and phone number “unknown”.


After all this, I tried online activation of the SIM card (even though I was told this wasn’t needed).  Result, “Sorry, we're experiencing some issues processing your request. Please get in touch so we can get it sorted.”


I spent 30 mins plus on the online chat but this got nowhere then I was cut off.


Any suggestions?



4 replies

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@bdw welcome to the ID Mobile Community

Looks like the mobile is either not fully unlocked for the ID Network or you have a faulty SIM card.

Are you able to try the SIM in another mobile to see if the SIM is working.

Are you able to do a factory reset on the mobile and try again.
(Please be aware most factory resets will remove all user data including contacts)

Trying the SIM in another phone had same result.


Reluctant to wipe the phone at this stage especially as problem is the same in two phones.


Update: I can now send and receive text messages but not make/receive calls.

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 @bdw maybe there is an issue with the SIM and or network!

try restarting the mobile few times (turn it off and back on again)

can you pop your postcode into the area coverage checker in the below link please

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Hello @bdw,

Can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check to see if there are any issues with the masts in your area?


What phone are you using the SIM in?