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  • 22 May 2020
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I switched to ID at the beginning of May. I have had two SIMS from them so far and neither have worked.  I know we are in a difficult time, but the support I have had from ID to get me up and running on the network has been woeful. All support is by email and it takes two days at least for each email to be answered. I’ve been asked the same questions over and over again and have been told the Technical Team are looking at my issue multiple times but still no solution to my problem, leaving my phone unusable unless I am near WiFi. All requests for someone to call me, rather than play perpetual email tennis,  have been ignored. Finally I think we got somehwere yesterday when it was finally revealed that my SIM is not connected to the network. But as usual, rather than fixing it I got the ‘we’ll be in touch in two days’ line. Too late guys - I’m leaving. If you’re thinking of switching to ID I’d consider waiting until you can actually talk to one of their support team. Otherwise I’d stead clear. 

3 replies

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Hello @SaulFowler,


I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving and that we weren’t able to get this sorted for you.


If you need any help, please let us know here.




Please can someone be in touch with me i can’t find howto report a non delivered sim

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Hi @Katiewalter,


How long ago did you order it? Did you receive a confirmation email?