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  • 28 July 2021
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Hello, this is more than likely a really silly question I just thought I'd ask anyway, even though I'm a good 99% sure I know the answer anyway 


I recently found a phone contract deal with ID Mobile through Carphone Warehouse, I've been searching for a new contract for a good couple months now, haven't found anything super promising, but about 10-12 days ago I found a good deal, specifically a phone with good specifications and not marked up because it was a flagship phone series, like the Galaxy S series just for an example 

The issue I have been having is I attempted to purchase this exact deal the past 10 days or so, every couple of days I'd come back to Carphones basket and try to repurchase the deal, it wasn't my credit check failed or anything (I didn't even manage to get to that stage) the website would just crash on me every time I tried to checkout. Now the deal isn't available any more, I even have several screenshots of my history over the past 10+ days with me being in Carphone's basket on their website a good 20+ times

Like I stated I'm pretty confident I know the answer to my question anyway, but there isn't somehow any way to be able to receive a deal that was active less than 48 (maybe even 24) hours ago? 

Many thanks in advance for indulging my more than likely stupid question, I just was a bit peeved that after 2+ months of searching a deal I actually really, really wanted, just wouldn't happen unfortunately




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Hello @Hamface1337,

I am sorry to hear about the problems faced when trying to make the purchase via the Carphone Warehouse website. Typically, if a deal is no longer showing online then it may have expired but I would still recommend contacting their Sales Team on 0800 049 6250 to see if they can do something for you.

You can also try our Sales Team on 0800 049 0250.