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I am slightly puzzled as to the joining process. I am not a prolific switcher but the ID process seems slightly different to how things have worked with other providers as previously nothing happened until I received a SIM and activated it.

This is a summary of where I am currently:

  • I placed an online order to join iD yesterday and completed the Direct Debit etc.
  • I’ve received the relevant emails to say the order has been accepted and the SIM posted.
  • I assumed nothing further would happen until I received the SIM and activated it.
  • Today however my first bill has been issued.
  • I have also received an email entitled “Let’s get Started”. However it would seem I cannot register to use the app or setup an online account until I receive the SIM as a code sent to the new number forms part of the registration process.
  • My intention is to port my existing number and I have a PAC ready and waiting.


  • The order process seemed to have an option to submit a PAC with the order however as I need service until the SIM arrives I chose not to do this. Have I made a mistake?
  • When the SIM arrives is it OK to set up an account using the number in the “Lets get Started” email or will this then be locked to my account and prevent me from porting my current number.

Thx in advance


Best answer by AndrewC 6 July 2020, 17:53

SIM Arrived and the instructions provided after placing it in the phone answered the question.

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Hi there @AndrewC 

Any new SIM purchased through us would come ready activated so it should work from the moment you have it.

Have you received the SIM since this message?

If you register the account (making sure to use the iD Mobile number that came with the SIM), you can then login and submit your PAC details there (PAC Code + your old number you wish to bring to us).

If you entered all the information correctly on the switching page around the point of purchase though, then it’s likely the number process is in hand already.  Number ports only make progress on working days (so no weekends or bank holidays).


SIM Arrived and the instructions provided after placing it in the phone answered the question.



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