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  • 21 March 2020
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Hey ID, super shocked that you won't provide a free of charge renumber for someone fleeing domestic violence without a police crime report number.

Super shocked too that the manager I spoke to insisted that my daughter must report the crime. It's pretty impressive that you're employing experts in domestic violence in your call centres and I applaud the move 

Sadly, not everyone wishes to escalate the cycle of violence by getting the police involved. They did offer that we could cancel the contract though. 

2 questions 

1. Please can you review this policy?

2. Are you team specially trained to have such little regard for customers- the old school like it or lump it approach.

2 replies

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Hey @Clodworthy 


I understand difficult situation in your life and I am really sorry to hear that such a situation happened to your daughter but I do not understand your approach to getting your number changed for free.


It is difficult situation but iD Mobile isn't a charity to offer free service because you said they should. 


I have difficult situation in my life as well. Person close to me is struggling with depression and heart condition I suffer from genetic dysfunction of my immune system but I do not ask anyone to give me something for free, I work hard to earn them. We all have our struggles and we find ways to deal with them the way we can without telling anyone to offer a service for free because we are special. Also if you get it for free because you say about domestic violence without significant proof that really happened then I want exactly same thing because exactly same thing happen to me but I don't have proof, you just need to believe me.


I keep trying to teach people to see wider picture in life but it is like trying to break the wall with bare hands. People tend to stuck in perception that everyone else should serve them ready solution and free service. 


Just to clarify. This is not iD Mobile view, I am just a customer like your daughter and I am just sharing my own opinion and agree with agents to not providing free service without any proof as all customer should be treated equally until they proof special circumstances. 


I am sure one of iD Mobile employees will answer you here after the weekend. I am sure though they will ask to email  with all the details so they can access your daughters account.

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Hi @Clodworthy,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience; we would like to offer further assistance here to provide a suitable resolution. Please can  drop us a message via Twitter or Facebook? Please include a link to this post too so we can offer some support right away.

Thank you,


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