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  • 15 February 2021
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I have recently changed my work account to a personal account with ID, I got a PAC code and completed the form to keep my old number, but I haven’t heard anything from ID about when the number will be changed. I tried to do it again in case there was a problem, but this time I get the message that my PC code details are incorrect. Hope someone can help!


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Looks like they’ve sorted it now. Thanks!

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Hi @andrewbmitchell,


Where both lines with iD Mobile? How long ago did you submit the PAC code?



Looks like they’ve sorted it now. Thanks!

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Oh fantastic!


Cheers for letting us know @andrewbmitchell!



“You entered a wrong PAC code or mobile number. Please check and try again.”

Copied the information directly from the EE text message but getting this. Tried now three times and always the same result.


...turned out EE made a total mess.


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Hi there @Photomic2000 

Have you registered your iD Mobile account on our website?  Here:

If not, please do.  Once you are registered and logged in there.  Head on over to the “Keep my Number” section.

There you can pop in your PAC (code) and the number you wish to port over and that should then be with us in 1-2 working days.

Please ensure the PAC you have from your old provider is still in-date too, as they would expire after 30-days.

I had all kinds of problems switching and assumed it was MY fault, but I’ve tried to switch both my parents today and BOTH their pac codes (I was with 3, they were with Asda mobile) have failed. I went online with the chat it and finally got through to a real person but they said mums Had already switched (I said I didn’t se how as I’d not registered or typed her old number or pac code in yet but they were insistent. It had all switched ok - I ticked the box for a transcript of the conversation and guess transcript has been emailed and I’ve now no record of that chat. I’m beginning to get really angry at the terrible customer service. I really want to know what’s happening with my parents numbers now. I feel terrible that I set this up for them and it’s such a mess!

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Hi @Cathro,

We are very sorry to hear about this issue. We will send you a PM now so that we can have this looked into.


Hi I’m trying to keep my number from o2 I joined I’d today but I think my pac code hasn’t been accepted can you help because if I can’t keep my number I’m staying with o2   

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Hi @Wattsy 

Did you fill out the online switching form when processing your PAC code below:


I've submitted my PAC code and other details yesterday (Thursday 26th) at around 2pm, but still no transfer (it should be done by now ). I haven't had any messages updating me. Is this transfer still progressing? Can someone please get in contact please?

I've submitted my PAC code and other details yesterday (Thursday 26th) at around 2pm, but still no transfer (it should be done by now ). I haven't had any messages updating me. Is this transfer still progressing? Can someone please get in contact?

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Hi @Trueman, PAC transfers don’t happen over the weekend, but it’ll likely go through on Monday. If you still don’t have any service by then, feel free to give the Live Chat team a shout, and they’ll be able to check on the status for you.


Thank you,


Same is happening to me, I have the PAC code from O2 as I’m trying to keep my old number but it is saying it isn’t recognised

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Hello @Emilyjessica ,

Are you trying to submit this via the iD app/account or via the Switching form?

Try the App/account.

You’ll need to register first via the iD Number on the SIM before you can do this.

Then click My Services > Keep you rnumber

Enter the correct number to keep & PAC code.




Yes I’ve tried this on the app and registered, but it is saying the PAC code or number is incorrect when this is what I was given by o2

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Hi @Emilyjessica,


Have you gone back to 02 to make sure what they’ve given you is correct?



My PAC code has not been recognised, I have checked it with current provider and they insist it is correct. I have spent over 2 hours in total on live chat trying to sort this issue and having to repeat all the details several times as you changed agent during the same live chat. It was eventually passed to a technical department who have sent a text advising the issue has been resolved. I have tried the PAC number again and it is still not accepted. I am extremely frustrated with the appalling level of service so far and not being able to speak to someone and spending hour upon hour on live chat with no progress. I cannot waste any more of my time on this issue and you will lose another new customer. Just a quick search on the ID community shows how regularly customers are encountering this problem. Please sort it out.

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Hello @BMS47,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your PAC code.

I’ll send you a PM so we can pick this up.




Entered PAC details but page says “We've tried to process your PAC, but there is an issue with the information you've submitted. Please check that you have provided the correct details and try again”

Details entered are all correct as far as I can tell.


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Hi @tumbledryelephant,


Please could you advise if you have ensured that there are no spaces before and after the information that you have entered?