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  • 28 July 2020
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I joined yesterday, on 10 gb for 8 pounds contract. Coverage was not so good. Cancelled, asked for PAC and was given the same as I joined with. Got message saying that this sim card can be used as pay as you go. Decided to give it a go. Bought a bundle. Tried to transfer old number from Vodafone using the PAC given. Got message that something was wrong and need to contact customer service. Spent 1,5 hours on webchat with adviser just ignoringme for 45 minutes. Now need to make sure that I only have pay as you go. Need old Vodafone number urgently.

1 reply

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Hi there @zul 

We’ll send you a Private Message here now so that we can take a look at your account for you.


Speaking generally.  If you moved a number over to us, then we reverted the account to a Pay As You Go.  When you move the number back over to Vodafone, the SIM will no longer work as it won’t have a number attached.