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How to start a new topic.

  • 16 March 2018
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Thinking of starting a new topic? Before you take the plunge, don’t forget that it may already exist. Someone might have asked the same thing already, so have a quick look for it. You can do this using the search bar at the top of every page in our community.

If you’re happy that your topic doesn’t already exist, go ahead and post it. Here’s how to do this:

Find the right place for your topic

First of all, go to the category that your topic relates to.

When you’re in the correct category simply click on "Create topic" next to your profile picture.

Please note: If you’re not sure where to go, just post your topic in our ‘Ask a question’ category. We’ll then put it in the right place for you.

Choose if your topic is a question or a conversation

Now decide if your topic is a question or a conversation. If you make your topic a question, you can mark a reply from another community member as the answer. This will help others find the solution quicker.

Create a title that’s easy to search for.

Now choose a short but descriptive title. It should summarise what your topic is about. Include product or plan names, if applicable.

If your topic has a descriptive title, your fellow community members will be able to search for it more effectively. Plus, others that see it will be able to quickly decide if they can help you out.

Describe what your topic is about

Describe your issue in as much detail as possible. Other community members can help you better when they know exactly what you’re trying to do (and how far you’ve managed to get). You can even add images and videos to make things even clearer. Check out this article for more details: How to attach images and videos to a post

Important note: Never post any private information (your phone number, email address, home address etc.). Remember, this is a public community - anyone can see your posts and use this information against you.

Add tags

You should also try to add tags that describe your topic in keywords. Just like having a descriptive title, this will help other interested community members find your topic a lot quicker.

If you’ve any questions on starting a topic, post one below – after taking all the above into account, of course!

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