How to use the iD Community

  • 25 March 2020
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How to use the iD Community
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If you’re new to the iD Community – First of all, welcome! 

The Community is a place where iD customer and tech enthusiasts come to find answers, ask questions, help others and to have general chitchat.


Let’s help you get started on the Community 


Got a question?

First of all, search your query on the search bar above (it’s the easiest way). We’ve got heaps of FAQs, and you might find your answer from a simple search. 



If you don’t find your answer – don’t worry, ask the Community. Before you ask a question, you’ll have to register. Once you’ve registered, click on ‘Create a topic’ or ‘Ask a question’ above, and a pop up will appear asking you for the following detail:


1.Is your topic a Question or Conversation? – Are you unable to find what you are looking for and need to ask the Community for help? Or maybe there’s a particular topic you want to get some thoughts on, start a conversation.


2.Give your topic a Title – make it clear what your question or conversation is about. You will get a list of existing topics already on the Community appear, as a dropdown, so have a quick check before you continue, just in case your question or answer already exists.


3.Fill in your Description – Here you’ll tell the Community a more in-depth explanation of what your question or conversation is about. It’s best to give as much information as possible, to help other Community users understand and answer your question or get involved in your conversation. You can even upload images. If users need more information, they’ll reach out to you in the replies section of your topic. 

Ensure you do not put any of your personal information in a topic, such as full name, address, date of birth or mobile number.


4.Select a Category – all questions and conversations can be put into categories; this will help others find your topic in the future. If you’re not sure what category your topic goes in, simply put it in ‘Ask a question’, and one of our Moderators will move it into the relevant category later. 


5.Add Tags – this is optional but helps users find your topic when using the search bar or google. If your topic is billing related, simple enter ‘Billing’ in the tag section, again, this is optional, so if you’re not sure what to fill in, you can leave it blank. 


Once all you’ve put all the information in the topic, click ‘Create’ and your topic will be posted up for the Community to see. Members will respond in your topic, and you’ll receive an email notification on your first response.


Please bear in mind, that the iD Community is a public forum, so please do not post anything that may be deemed to be offensive. We have a team of moderators keeping an eye on the Community, making sure customers are getting the responses they need, and everyone’s being nice to each other on the Community. Any offensive material will be removed immediately. 

Here’s our Community Guidelines & Community T&Cs


Want to help others?

This is what the Community is about, helping each other out. We have users posting questions up daily, waiting for another Community member to reach out and offer some help and advice. 

There’s a points-based system visible to the whole Community and every response, like, and best answer gets you points. As you gain points from helping others, you’ll move up the iD Community Superhero ranks, and earn a few community badges along the way. 

We’ve got a total of 6 ranks, from Rookie all the way up to Mentor – very few have made it to mentor status yet. The Mentor status gains you access to the Super Hero hideout, where you’ll get exclusive news and information about iD Mobile, and the Community. 

On your way to becoming a Community superhero, you’ll also earn badges, these will be visible to the rest of the Community, under your profile. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get helping and let’s continue to build a community to be proud of.  


Here for a browse? 

If you’re just here to have a browse and kill some time, check out our Blog posts and competitions section of the Community, it’s full of interesting blogs, and once a month, we’ll pop a competition up for you to get involved in.

And if you want, feel free to create your own blog post or conversation and get other Community members involved.

We’ve got loads more information about using the iD Community here.





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