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We need you. We need... HEROES!

  • 25 March 2018
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We need you. We need... HEROES!
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Hi. Dean here.

We’ve created a space for iD customers like you to F.H.O.T.A.A.A.G.G.O.A.D [F-OT-A-GO-WAD] – Find Help, Offer Tips And Advice, And Get Great Offers And Deals.

Legend has it heroes walk among us, just like Steve, Brenda and Gordo. But we need more. We need YOU!

Here's how to get started on the iD Community,
Here's how to become an iD Mobile Community Hero

Happy F.H.O.T.A.A.A.G.G.O.A.D-ing!

Dean D. Deanerson

iD Mobile Community Hero Hunter

11 replies

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Anti Shark Repellant Spray? Does that neutralise Shark Repellant Spray? 😃
Great spot @Hamsterfang. Think @Dean Deanerson's pulled a sneaky one and changed it though! lol
Don't have a lot of problems with sharks in Scotland
Reason is waters to cold up north
My hero mark Lawrie rip babel

My shark xx
The only Sharks here in North Wales are in the Sea Life Centre or car sales people....🦈🦈🦈
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I’m a hero to 2 of my mates as they were paying too much per month for Sim only deals. I told them about ID mobile and now have got ID mobile Sims now and are well happy they are saving money.
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Same here my wife and 3 adults (my children) all swapped over now 👍
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My Nokia 6.1 is still running sweet as a nut but S10 would be nice 😂🤣👍
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Been with ID for while now N I've no problems with any part of the ID device or the app, the iphone SE still going strong no problems at all.
My heroic side is while walking back for internship I saved a puppy that road into in coming traffic (lorries N buses) by running in the road and picked him/her up N knocked on doors till it was the right owner.