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  • 1 January 1970
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Then why not let us know what you want to see on the community blog? We'll then get tapping away to create content you want to read! (P.S. if you haven't checked out the articles yet, head over to the blog now).

5 replies

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How about quick support for issues as a first priority, companies with 5 star customer service always win customers and retain them.

Then Tips and Tricks with handset setting might be interesting but with all the handsets out there a bit of a minefield.

But as a major issue, not related to the blog but get the 3 network that ID uses upgraded to cover the country, after all if they can give free roaming in so many countries how about looking after the UK as a priority so people can make and receive calls anywhere. 😴
your online chat to actually be online would be a much better start rather than bloating your site with sales crap.
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screen for checking usage etc flashing on and off!!! not good for epileptic people!!!!
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How about a website/app where data usage figures are accurate and not what wildly different from what eventually appears on the bill
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Big thanks to everyone who completed the survey! Keep checking back on the blog for new articles ☺