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Hi Freda, did you look to see if you could find Profiles anywhere else on your phone, it should show even if nothing is in there.

If I go to Settings - General, there is not a Profiles option listed😱

I have had this issue every time I’ve been to Europe with my iD SIM in my iPhone 6. Pretty disappointing. Apple says that the network provider controls the APN visibility settings. iD says they can’t access them, which seems bizarre as iD must be pushing APN settings to the SIMs. Has anyone at iD continued to look into this as I’m going to Europe soon and would like to be able to use my phone then? Thanks.

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Hello @Freda Checks,


Do you have a non-iD SIM you could put in the phone?

If you’re able to do this and check if the APN settings show?


If so, do this and configure the correct APN settings and then swap back to your iD SIM. I’m hoping this allows you to set-up the APN’s correctly.