Can't get data abroad

  • 8 September 2018
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Hi All,
I've recently started with ID mobile but haven't been able to get data abroad in two recent trips to Barcelona. I've followed all the steps listed in the guide to using your phone abroad as well as setting the APN to ID mobile's as suggested in this forum. I've also tried my SIM in my girlfriend's phone with no success whereas her BT SIM works fine in my phone. I'm able to connect to networks and phone/text, just not use my data. Can anyone shed any light on what might be the problem?
Many thanks,

3 replies

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Hey @Archie,

Is Data Roaming turned on in your handset?

The symptoms you've described sounds like it's turned off (I may be wrong).

If it's turned on and you're still having issues, can you try your partners SIM in your phone?

Hi Mohammed,
Thanks for your reply. Data roaming is turned on and I did try my girlfriend's SIM in my phone and her data worked fine. My ID mobile SIM also worked fine in her mobile.
My phone's a OnePlus 2 so I'm wondering whether they're might be some special configuration required?
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Hi @Archie,

In that case, what you might need to do is carry out a manual network search rather than allowing the phone to do this automatically.

When searching, you can use either the Movistar network or Yoigo. Both of these support Voice, Text and Data connectivity when in Spain. If one of those doesn't work, try the other network and let us know how you get on.