I can’t receive texts in Mexico

  • 17 March 2019
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I am on holidays in Mexico. I can’t receive texts at all. The signal bar is grey on my iPhone.
I have a zero pound cap so of course I can’t call, send texts and use data but I should be able to receive texts, right?
I tried change the 4G options and also to use another network but it doesn’t work.
With another SIM card, there is no problem at all with receiving texts.
Please, can you help me?
Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi @axel,

Sorry about the issues you are having with the coverage in Mexico.

We have a few things that you can try to get this working so you can continue to receive texts. Firstly please could you manually connect to the network by going into your network settings. Looking into this Movistar would be the best network to connect to in Mexico.

Secondly could you please ensure that data roaming is enabled as this can restrict services whilst you are abroad if it is off.

If you have any problems with changing the settings please let us know which handset you have and we can guide you further.