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  • 17 October 2019
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I've downloaded app for international calls. I've topped up "the card" so I could spent the money for international calls. After some time of international conversation,  the money has been taken from my account in app and also I've got a message from ID, that I've used 100% of my minutes allowance (I have unlimited minutes and texts) and I'll be now charged 40p/minute for every standard UK call I make. My question is, why I'm charged for international calls by ID, if I'm using the other app for international calls which I'm already pay for???

1 reply

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Hi @Sol06 

You should be able to see in the app how many minutes you’ve used and it’s possible that in order for the app to work, you make a call which is then diverted abroad leaving you to pay (use inclusive minutes in your allowance) and then also pay for the divert from the app credit.