Mobile data won’t work in Europe on iPhone 5s

  • 4 September 2018
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I’m on holiday in Prague, Czech Republic, and have saved my mobile data so I would be able to use it around the city. Having turned roaming on in both the ID app and on my phone, mobile data still won’t work. A repeat message of ‘can’t activate mobile data network’ comes up.

Ive looked everywhere online and even called ID customer service (who I suspect just used iD’s ‘Settings Checker’) and nothing will work. There is no option to change my APN settings - I have an iPhone 5s, with iOS 11. When I click on mobile data > mobile data options, there are only two buttons available, one for switching 4G on, and one for switching roaming on.

Can anyone help? The iD customer service suggested I go to an Apple store, but I feel like they will just tell me that this is an issue with iD.

1 reply

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Hey @MattB,

It sounds like you've got one of the iPhone's that don't have the APN section.

Can you try going to Settings > General > Profiles instead?

Do any old network profiles show here? If so, delete them.

Then restart the phone, remove/re-insert the SIM and try again.

Let us know how you get on.