No Data when Roaming in Ireland or Italy

  • 11 September 2019
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Had no No Data or Calls/Texts!!!! when Roaming in Ireland (3 trips) or Italy (Venice - 1 trip), Germany (1 trip) or Switzerland (1 trip).
Utterly disappointed as roaming was on, but nothing was available and I was extremely inconvenienced as a result.

UK is still in the EU, but the messages I was getting that I was outside of the EU!! Even Giffgaff do not do this to their customers. Going back to them. Full stop.

In addition, poor coverage in Cheshire, where I work and am constantly out of reach 9-5 Mon-Fri.
It's hard to grasp, how I could stay with ID for that long! (Mar - Sept!)

1 reply

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Hi @Ruts,

It's surprising to hear that you didn't get service when roaming in those locations. As long as the roaming option is turned on inside your account and Data Roaming is switched on within your phone settings, it should connect. Did you have access to calls and texts, or was it just data that didn't work?