No mobile data roaming in France

  • 1 September 2018
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Hi, this seems to be the same issue as a lady called Freda had but I haven’t found a solution.
iphone 7plus on iOS 11.4.1
Roaming on
Showing Orange F 3G
Calls OK
Getting “you are not subscribed to a mobile data service”
Have tried all the usual advice like resetting network etc
30 mins call to 7777 repeatedly telling me to go to mobile data account but this option does not exist
Therefore cannot manually set APN
No option to remove Profiles either
Was told to go to Apple but this is a carrier issue
If I had any hair left I’d be tearing it out.

Please help ASAP!!

17 replies

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Hey @TimZ,

I'm guessing this is an iPhone.

One other thing to try is Resetting network settings.

Are you able to try this and let me know what happens?

Please note, previously stored WiFi passwords may be lost by doing this.


Thanks for the reply Mohammed. The answers to both points are in the original post. I’ve tried everything including restarting phone, removing and replacing sim, everything except factory reset of iPhone which I don’t want to do here.

im not an expert but the carrier settings from id prevent APN settings changes. Please see screenshot. It’s been a week without data now and I really need to get this fixed thanks...
Screenshot without WiFi

Sorry it came up three times but I couldn’t see how to delete the extra screenshots
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Sorry it came up three times but I couldn’t see how to delete the extra screenshots
Not to worry, I've amended this.

When you click on "Mobile Data Options" what shows here?

No option to remove Profiles either

When you say profiles, did you check this on Settings > General > Profile

Do any apps work with data?

I had a customer facing an issue where she could use social media apps but not use internet browsers.
Could you also test this for me?

Hi Mohammed.

There are no Profile options in General:

Regarding Mobile Data Options, this is all I get:

And nothing works, for example here is WhatsApp with WiFi off and Orange 3G showing:

It seems to me there is something related to the iD carrier profile which prevents access to APN settings, and this profile ( see earlier screenshot of carrier details) stops me changing any settings to access French APs.

One week and counting!


In other words, it looks like it’s fixed by iD to a U.K. carrier profile (and data works perfectly in the U.K.) and is restricting my access to user settings for mobile data. In case I didn’t already say, I have reset Network Settings with no change (other than of course I lost all my WiFi settings and passwords), and I have access to calls and SMS
Maybe I could have a call with someone like yourself, not someone following a script like on the 7777 number, so this can be sorted out?

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Hi TimZ

Whilst in France you should be able to connect to

Orange, BYTEL, BOUYGTEL, Free Mobile or SFR where available.

Can you try to go into the network settings, turn off Automatic network selection and see which other networks are available to connect to.
Hi Phil

Thanks but I’d already tried this. Done it again to show screenshots.

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Hi @TimZ,

At this point, we would need to look into this further so I will send you a PM with the best way to contact us about this.

Thanks Phil. It’s been two weeks now and I think I’ve shown from the start I’m a competent user, giving information which has not been read and two working days wait for every reply.

iD is great value but it’s a shame that correcting carrier errors takes soooooo long. Offering roaming services (which would be great if they worked) needs care over U.K. carrier settings forced by iD on the iPhone at least.

My trip is nearly over and no data from the start. If iD wants to be a serious provider replies need to be quicker and better researched.

Just my POV

PS I will be taking this up with OFCOM; sorry but until the disaster that is Brexit comes into force, carriers are obliged to treat EU countries as home countries. I have an unlocked and normal iPhone and this situation seems to me like deliberate delays plus questions already answered, to avoid having to sort out a roaming situation for what is I’m sure a minority of iD customers.

At best this is an Apple carrier profile glitch caused by iD software, at worst an attempt to avoid foreign carrier roaming charges. In any case, unacceptable.

Hi Tim, did you ever have any luck fixing your roaming issue? I am having a similar issue whilst in France, have tried all the same things you've listed and handed it off to my husband, who is far more savvy than I am, with no luck. We both have Samsung Galaxy Note 10s bought at the same time, unlocked, both with identical ID Mobile SIM-only contracts - his is working fine, but mine flat-out refuses to connect to any of the available networks no matter what we try. Astounding!!
Hi. Well. I’ve been calling iD all sorts of names. Then I just changed phone to an iPhone XS Max. And last week I was in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and it worked a dream. So there was something on my 7+ which stopped it working as they said...iD were unhelpful really, but right.

Good luck!

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Hi myxstorie,
Whilst roaming is normally active on your account from the purchase date, the way you've described things sounds like an account issue.
If you can use the app or, you can check this and if necessary, turn roaming on/off.

You'll be able to confirm this by testing your SIM on your husbands phone to verify it's a SIM/account issue.

Thanks for your response TimZ, it's frustrating when we can't get things working but at least the problems has been isolated.
Thanks Tim for replying, and thank you Phil, I'll give that a try!