no service abroad in France

  • 18 December 2019
  • 2 replies

am abroad and not getting any service, also not received a message saying welcome to france like usually

2 replies

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Hi there @Stuartt 

Are you in mainland France currently?  Have you previously been able to receive your service there using the same phone with iD Mobile in the past?

If so, we’d imagine everything should still work fine.  Unless you have deactivated roaming within your phone or the iD Mobile App?


What network is your phone connecting to over there?  I believe it’s usually Orange or Bytel that are the ones that work best with iD Mobile in France.

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Separately too.  If your phone allows you to add or alter APN settings, please ensure they are exactly as follows:


Name: iD
APN: id
Username: <leave blank>
Password:    <leave blank>
MMS Proxy:
MMS APN Username: <leave blank>
MMS APN Password: <leave blank>
MMS Port: 8799
* anything with <leave blank> should be left blank


If you have any profiles stored on the phone in your Settings/ Network Settings from a previous network, please delete those entirely to ensure no wires are being crossed there that could be causing disruption to what you’re receiving.


- Kevin