• 2 July 2018
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Hi, I will be moving temporarily to Spain for approximately 12 months. I can not afford to cancel my contract nor can I afford to take on a new contract while keeping the current contract. Can I keep my contract in Spain for that period of time as Vodafone have done for my wife's contract. Regards Bob Ford.

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Hello @Mr Ford,

Welcome to the iD Community.

Spain is an inclusive Roaming country so you should be able to use your phone abroad here.

However, a Fair usage Policy is in place which prevents the inclusive EU Roaming feature from being missuses along with an open data policy which applies to select plans.

It's in place to prevent misuse of the EU Roaming such as someone permanently roaming and no longer living in the UK.

Whilst some customers roam regularly going abroad a few weeks at a time and there's nothing wrong with that, it's when a customer is using their phone roaming more than they are using it at home in the UK (such as over a 4-months period) where we may think you're permanently roaming.

We'll usually send you a text to remind you we have a Fair Usage Policy in place and ask you to consider changing your usage patterns to comply with this policy. Further to this, you may be asked to provide some sort of proof to show you have strong ties to the UK, like a UK bill or a bank statement.

If you're unable to provide this and continue to roam in the EU more than your usage of the plan in the UK, we'd simply apply a surcharge to your roaming usage. We'll notify you via text when this happens.

If you exceed your fair usage limits, these charges would be:

3.2p per minute
1p per text
0.59p per MB of data

Having said all of that, there's nothing to say you can't continue to use your plan abroad, but would simply incur a surcharge so you should still be able to use your phone abroad and keep the contract active until you return.

Providing proof of strong ties to the UK when requested will also help prove that you are only abroad temporarily.

It may be worth checking how much data is on the open data policy or if this applies to you.

Head to our Fair Usage Policy page and read into this a little more.

Hope this helps.


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