Roaming and fair useage, brand new customer

  • 11 September 2018
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Probably very bad timing but I got my iD sim card today (10 gig pay monthly plan) and am waiting to port my old number over to it.

Thing is, it takes 2 days and I go away to Spain for a week from Sunday with work and will need to use my data on the new sim card.

As there won't be much history of me using this simcard in the UK will I come into trouble by using data in Spain for a week?

The fair useage policy is a little vague in this respect....

1 reply

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Hi lester1980, not to worry, if you are roaming for just 1 week then you would not encounter an issue with our fair usage policy. This policy is only intended to take effect in situations of prolonged usage which would be longer than an average 1-2 week trip. - Phil