Roaming Issue's in Spain

  • 31 July 2018
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I set my roaming option on before I went to Spain then after speaking to customer service went through the reset of APN settings various times. It didn't work the 1st or 10th time. This impacted on my work as it made it really difficult to check emails. I could only use wifi hotspots and there weren't many where we were staying.

I am curious to know that this issue only happened with ID. I have been going to the same place in Spain for years and never had a problem with other providers.

3 replies

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Hey there @Smjordan424

Sorry to hear you ran into some troubles with roaming on your recent trip.

When you say you turned on "Roaming" before you headed out there, did you do this on both your phone's settings and within your ID account? (i.e. in the ID Mobile app).


Edit: I moved the topic to the Coverage, international & roaming section of the community, and renamed the topic for clarity.
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Sorry to hear that this did not work despite turning Roaming on for both your handset, account and configuring your APN settings.

Are you still abroad @Smjordan424,

Yes I did it in both and loads of attempts to reset the apn as per instructions.