Samsung data roaming

  • 9 March 2020
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Good day,

I have read a lot of the same question so I can only apologise for the repeat of this question.

I have a Samsung A50 and can not use my data when abroad. I can connect to Wifi, send text messages and recieve calls, but unable to use my data for internet use.

I have checked my APN and it matches that advice already given. I can not find in settings general/profile.  Please could I have another answer to help me. I am away this weekend in the EU so would like to try out the new advice before then.

Many thanks


1 reply

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Howdy @GreenRay and welcome to the iD Mobile Community here.

If you have the APN settings entered correctly, and you have deleted any profiles in your network settings area that are related to a previous network, then, in theory, you should be up and running.

Although sometimes your phone might be automatically connecting to a network that isn’t fully compatible with us when roaming.  So it might be worth manually trying to connect to different networks that show up over there, and testing if things are working.  It’s a little “trial and error” but usually only about 2-3 options show up, so it shouldn’t take more than a minute or 2 to give those a test.

If you get in touch with any of our Customer Services whilst overseas, they’ll be able to tell you the usual best network to choose whilst out there.