Samsung S8 not taking international sim from other service provider

  • 12 September 2018
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I am currently in Palestine and tried yesterday to put a local sim into my phone. It did not work. I was prompted when putting the sim in to enter a code. I tried the network unlock code of the in country sim but it did not work. When I called iD I was told by the operator that my phone (bought 2 month ago) was not locked to the iD network. I entered my iD PUK code as well the in country PUK but that also didn't do anything either.

Any suggestions. Attached are screenshots of the problem pages.

1 reply

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Hi Phelangm, the second screenshot showing the SIM network PIN request would not be something we can help with, this would be obtained from the local SIM provider, you may be able to try 0000 or 1234 as default PIN but if you enter this incorrectly 3 times a PUK will be required and this will need to be obtained from the network.

If you are prompted for a network unlock, this would indicate the phone does not support the SIM and may be locked, but this is not usually the case for phones provided by iD Mobile.